Utopia - the second single
💥UTOPIA Feat. Tomaso De Mattia (Talco) out 19th February💥
After #reason a new #video is coming to town! The second #single, from our new album #superhero, will be #utopia! Are you ready to sing with us?!

✔️LINK TO PREORDER #superhero:

➡️ EUROPE Long Beach Records Europe: 👈 👈

➡️ CANADA/US People of Punk Rock Records:

Superhero tracklist!!
🗣 A name, A song, A meaning. #superhero official #tracklist. R u Ready for these 12 explosive tracks?! 💥 Take a look to the "Superhero European Tour" and take part in the party...we're coming! 🚐

1- Sopravvive
2- Ventre
3- Anestesia
4- Liquido
5- Reason
6- Necessità
7- Life
8- Risorgere
9- Best
10- Utopia (Feat. Tomaso De Mattia, Talco)
11- Fantasma (feat. Gab De La Vega)
12- Costretti

Superhero in canada and united states
🔥HERE THE NEWS: "Superhero" will be produced in #canada and #unitedstates by People of Punk Rock Records 🔥 People of Punk Rock Records will be putting out Italy favorite ska/core outfit NH3 upcoming album titled 'Superhero' in North America. Out March 15, 2019!


"superhero" out 01/03
Yo friends! WE HAVE THE DATE, "SUPERHERO" it will be out 01/03
Follow the link to PRE-ORDER the album:
stay in touch and follow us, big news coming soon!!!

Superhero european tour

🙌 "SUPERHERO EUROPEAN TOUR" 👈 is coming to town! Take a look to the first part of the club tour! March, April and May shows are confirmed and many more are coming so, friends, spread the word, stay in touch and save the dates!!! 🗣

🇩🇪Fri 8 Mar - Hafenklang - Hamburg
🇩🇪Sat 9 Mar - Clash Berlin - Berlin
🇩🇪Fri 22 Mar - Sonic Ballroom - Cologne
🇩🇪Sat 23 Mar - Alte Hackerei - Karlsruhe
🇨🇭Fri29 Mar - Dachstock Reitschule - Bern
🇨🇭Sat 30 Mar - Kulturhalle Sägegasse - Burgdorf
🇩🇪Fri 5 Apr - Pitcher - Dusseldorf
🇩🇪Sat 6 Apr - Keller Klub - Stuttgart
🇨🇿Fr 19 Apr - Rock Café - Prague
🇩🇪Sat 18 May - Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt - Munich
🇩🇪Fri 24 May - AJZTalschock - Chemnitz
🇩🇪Sat 25 May - Die Festung Rockt - Kronach

New line up
Yo friends! How did your 2019 start?!
We have some news for you, Here is the first: We have a new main line up for the "SUPERHERO EUROPEAN TOUR"! We welcome the NH3 family to Mattia (Guitar and Back Vocals) and to Anton (Sax And Back Vocals)! Our brò and historical member Fabio (thanx for all!) and Pier will also be part of the crew
Stay in touch! See ya on the road
Photo By: Mattia Beccaceci
Voice: Mark
Drums: Belbu
Bass: Ueda
Guitar And Voice: Simo
Guitar And Back Vocals: Mattia
Trumpet And Back Vocals: Fabri
Sax And Back Vocals: Anton

Reason official video
"REASON", the first single from our new album #superhero, is now available! Check and share!
Directed by: Francesco Agostini
Written by: Valentina Earnshaw
With: Susanna Re
And: Ueda Marchionni / Giacomo Belbusti / Simone Gabrielli / Mark Umbre / Mattia Bernardini
Camera Assistant: Marco Bonci
Make Up Artist: Laura Majani
”Superhero” will be available from March 2019 Follow the link to PRE-ORDER the album (very soon on iTunes!).
Management: MAKE A DREAM
Label: Long Beach Records
Booking: MAKE A DREAM, Muttis Booking, DMB Records
NH3 Support: Sea Shepherd Italia

Yo friends! You can call our new album "Superhero" !!!! We're so excited to know what do you think about the cover: Do you like it? Let us know! We remind you that ”Superhero” will be available from March 2019, but why wait for the last minute to get it?
Follow the link to PRE-ORDER the album (very soon on iTunes!).
Stay tuned and spread the word, news day by day
Artwork by: Agnese Franchini
Graphic: Ueda Marchionni
Label: Long Beach Records Europe
Management: MAKE A DREAM
Booking: MAKE A DREAM Muttis Booking DMB Records

The new album is almost ready
Watch and listen this little preview about our new album and let us know what do ya think about! Really thanx to IndieBox Music Hall for these crazy days in studio. A lot of news are coming very soon, so...Stay tuned and spread the world! Video by: Francesco Agostini

Revenidas galicia!!
Hola amigos! ¡Se acerca agosto y no podemos esperar para tocar en este increíble festival 🙌😍💥¡Galicia, estamos llegando 🤟 ➡ Sábado 18: Tremenda Jauría 💥 Steve'n'Seagulls 💥 Cuarta Xusta 💥 NH3 SKA/CORE 💥 Glaukoma (band) 💥 Isaac Peces DJ e 💥Revenidas, we're coming! Are you ready?! #saturday 18 #august, stage time 01:00, escenario "Mahou"!

Italian tour!!!
Vi aspettiamo carichi e in massa per queste 4 date! Ad alternarsi sul palco, prima di noi 4 band di amici: DISORDINE, FDP, RESPIRO NOCIVO e DEVASTED. Non potete mancare!!!
Tour By: MAKE A DREAM, Muttis Booking, DMB Records, Teste Ribelli records, Booking Presented by: livegigs junge Welt, OxFanzine, Melodie & Rhythmus, Uncle M, Long Beach Records Europe, Indiebox Music

Ven 23 Mar - Ricky's PUB live - Padova
Sab 24 Mar - Eterotopia - S.Giuliano Milanese (MI)
Ven 30 Mar - Cabotina - Turbigo (MI)
Sab 31 Mar - Centro Giovani - Monfalcone (GO)

Breaking news!!!
Breaking News!!!
Ehy you, friends! Here we are!! We wanna say thank you to you all for another great year full of satisfaction. We're so excited to announce we're working on the new album. We have a lot of news for this 2018 so, stay in touch and keep on rockin'!!!

15th anniversary
Yo guys, here we are! This is the video that celebrates our 15th anniversary. We're so excited! On the day we reach this very important goal we want to thank all the musicians (and friends) who played with us, all people who believed in us, our incredible partners, MAKE A DREAM, Muttis Booking, Long Beach Records Europe, Indiebox Music and DMB Records, all our friends, promoters, our crew, our families and YOU guys. You're the best side of this incredible story: You, who believe in us, who come to our concerts, sing our songs: Thank you so much! A Very special thanks to the guys from the bands who gave their face for this beautiful video!

New shows added!!
New Shows Added!!

05.01 I Pesaro / M3
13.01 CH Rorschach / TREPPENHAUS
14.01 CH Ostermundigen / BERNSTASSE 29
27.01 I Caorle (VE) / DA CAPOTA
28.01 I Naturno (BZ) / RESISTENZA N°4 c/o JUZE
24.02 GH Luzern / SEDEL
25.02 CH Zurigh / MUNDWERK
31.03 I Fano (PU) / ARCI ARTIGIANA
16.04 CH Bern / GASKESSEL
27.04 D Dusseldorf / PITCHER
20.05 D Magstadt / WALL OF ROCK OPEN AIR
27.05 I Pesaro / AGRISHOW
02.06 D Eichstatt / OPEN AIR AM BERG
22.06 I Tesero (TN) / MUSIC ON BOARD
23.06 D Wiesbaden / SCHLACHTHOF
24.06 D Essen / DON'T PANIC
28.07 D Aulendorf / IRREAL
29.07 D Peine / UJZ SOMMERFEST
12.08 D Kongen / 3K-FEST(IVAL) OPEN AIR
19.08 D Wüllersleben / BADLIFE FESTIVAL
15.09 I Pesaro / LET IT BEER
16.09 D Weingarten / UMSONST & DRAUSSEN
29.09 D Berlin / CLASH
01.10 D Chemnitz / SUBWAY TO PETER
02.10 D Coburg / RAUH OPEN AIR
10.11 D Husum / SPEICHER
11.11 D Karlsrue / ALTE HACKEREI
27.12 D Schongau / CLUB MORITZ
28.12 D Wermelskirchen / AJZ BAHNDAMM
29.12 D Hamburg / HAFENKLANG

Hate and hope, the vinyl, is now available!
Hate And Hope, the vinyl, is now available!
The vinyls of "Hate And Hope" are, finally, in our hands!

You can Buy And Support:

"sscs" last single & video!
We're proudly present our new video to the track "SSCS" in cooperation with Sea Shepherd Italia taken from "Hate And Hope" in collaboration with Long Beach Records Europe and MAKE A DREAM.
Step up and make a difference!

Dmb records welcome!!
DMB Records Welcome!!
Ehy friends! We're so glad and proud to announce DMB Records is a new partner in crime :D of NH3's family! They will take care of the 2017 Swiss dates of the "Hate And Hope European Tour"! Welcome on board Guys!

Punk rock holiday 19:30, "main stage"
Punk Rock Holiday 19:30,
"Hate And Hope European Tour" next stop: Fri 12.08 Tolmin Punk Rock Holiday 19:30, "Main Stage"

Old school attitude!!
Yeah friends! Here we are! We're so proud to announce that "OLD SCHOOL ATTITUDE", the second hit from the new album "Hate And Hope" is now available! A very special thanx to all our crew and family and to the Director Luca Rapuzzi! The sound of the keyboards is by DeVeggent from ‪#‎redska‬. Red for the passion, green for the hope! C'mon guys, check this out, share and and spread the word!

"no borders" is now available!
Yeah friends! Here we are! We're so proud to announce the release of our new single/video "NO BORDERS" from the new album "Hate And Hope"! A very special thanx to our friend Simon from The Prosecution for his incredible work! C'mon guys! Pump up the volume and spread the word!

New album, new tour!
Boooom! New Album, New tour! We are proud to present the first part of the "Hate And Hope European Tour". A lot of shows are coming, so stay in touch and spread the word! Can't wait to come back on the road! Are you ready?
22.04 I / Segrate MI / C.S.A. BARAONDA
29.04 I / Bologna / COMMUNITY CENTER c/o HOBO
01.05 CH / Brig / FEIER
07.05 D / Hamburg / HAFENGEBURSTAG
08.05 D / Gottingen / STRASSENFEST
13.05 CH / Bern / ROSSLI BAR
14.05 D / Truckenthal / REBELLISCHE FESTIVAL
20.05 I / Martignano TN / MARTIGNANO ALL SKA VOL 13
27.05 D / Dusseldorf / LZ HINTERHOF
28.05 D / Visbek / VISBEK ROCKT OPEN AIR
02.06 I / Pesaro / FESTIVAL PESARO
18.06 D / Herrenberg / OILYMPICS FESTIVAL
25.06 D / Rosslau / THIS IS SKA FESTIVAL
02.06 CH / Luzern / SEDEL
03.07 CH / Bellinzona / PETER PAN
09.07 D / Laimnau / ROCK IM VOGELWALD
15.07 D / Erlau / KUNTERBUNT
16.07 D / Glaubitz / BACK TO FUTURE
22.07 D / Koln / SONIC BALLROOM
23.07 D / Selters / SEEPOGO
30.07 D / Unterschleißheim / NORDBEAT SKA FESTIVAL
12.08 SLO / Tolmin / PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY
27.08 D / Sonsbeck / ROCK AM DICK
03.09 D / Leverkusen / KAW
16.09 D / Kronach / STRUWWELPETER
17.09 D / Weingarten / UMSONST & DRAUSSEN FESTIVAL
28.10 D / Munich / STROM / 10 YEARS LONG BEACH
29.10 D / Dresden / CHEMIEFABRIK
16.12 CH / Davos / BOX
17.12 D / Rosenheim / VETTERNWIRTSHAFT
27.12 D / Waldkirchen / AJZ DORFTROTTEL
28.12 D / Hamburg / HAFENKLAG
29.12 D / Mannheim / KURZBAR

"hate and hope" dal 14 maggio in italia con indie box music
Ed ecco qua un altro importante annuncio! Siamo infatti entusiasti di annunciare il nostro ingresso nel rooster di Indiebox Music! "Hate And Hope", il nostro nuovo disco, registrato presso IndieBox Music Hall uscirà quindi tra il 22 Aprile (Germania, Austria e Svizzera) e il 14 Maggio (Italia) e sarà prodotto e distribuito (in formato fisico e digitale) da Long Beach Records Europe e Indie Box Music! Rimanete sintonizzati, le news non finiscono qui!

Nh3 - hate and hope - release date: 22.04.16
NH3 - HATE AND HOPE - Release Date: 22.04.16

Ehy friends! Here the first big news of the 2016! We're so proud to announce our signing for Long Beach Records Europe! Our new album, called "HATE AND HOPE", will be available on 22 April! First gigs are out! We're so excited! Please, check and share!

Release Date: 22.04.16

Long Beach Records Europe

First gig @ punk rock holiday!!!
First gig @ Punk Rock Holiday!!!
Ehy friends! Have you heard the news!? This summer we'll play @ Punk Rock Holiday! We're so fuckin' exicted to be part of this awesome line-up! See ya there! In a few days we'll announce the first gigs of the "Hate And Hope Tour", stay tuned and spread the word!

Italian gigs with talco
Italian gigs with Talco
Ehy friends! We're so proud to announce we'll hit the stage with our friends Talco for their Italian gigs of "Silent Town Tour"! Are you ready?

Ed ecco finalmente la prima grande news riguardante il 2016! Ci uniremo, infatti, ai Talco per le date italiane del loro Silent Town tour! Davvero contenti di tornare sul palco insieme a loro!

21 Gen - Locomotiv Club - Bologna
22 Gen - Officine Corsare - Torino
23 Gen - Lo Fi - Milano
24 Gen - Traffic Live - Roma

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